St. Paul elevated skyline from Mississippi River
Date Published
December 06, 2019

The city of St. Paul — also known as the City of Neighborhoods — is made up of 17 vibrant and distinct communities that are each deeply rooted in their own heritage and traditions.

There are many charming and historic areas to explore in St. Paul, but we’ve honed in on what are arguably the 10 best to live in. If you’re considering moving to St. Paul from across the country or from across the river, these are the neighborhoods you won’t want to miss!

1) Battle Creek

Location: southeast St. Paul

Battle Creek has the feel of a suburban community close to all the amenities of the city, making it a great choice for young families. Housing in this neighborhood is more affordable than the average for St. Paul — another reason it’s a popular choice.

2) Como Park

Location: northwest St. Paul

Como is ranked as the #1 neighborhood in St. Paul, and for good reason. It’s a quiet residential neighborhood with plenty to keep everyone happy and entertained. Como Zoo, Como Park, and the Minnesota State Fairgrounds are all just a hop, skip, and a jump away — not to mention many restaurants and coffee shops!

3) Greater East Side

Location: northeast corner of St. Paul

East Side offers a wonderful urban/suburban feel in a large, quiet neighborhood that can feel separate from the city. East Side is one of the most affordable neighborhoods in St. Paul due to a period of economic decline from the 1960s to the 1990s. However, it has been steadily rebuilding since then, and new businesses are lining the streets. In fact, Payne Avenue has been dubbed St. Paul’s Eat Street.

4) Highland Park

Location: southwest corner of St. Paul

The beautiful Highland neighborhood is nestled in a bend of the Mississippi River. Victorian housing, a wide selection of stores and restaurants on Ford Parkway, tree lined streets, and trails along the river make it a popular spot for young families, professionals, and seniors.

5) Macalester-Groveland 

Location: southwest St. Paul

Just north of Highland Park, Mac-Groveland is named after Macalester College and has a large student population. The popular commercial district of Grand Avenue runs through the center of the neighborhood, providing plenty of shopping and dining options. Mac-Groveland has a good variety of housing options for students and families, including single-family homes, duplexes and fourplexes, and apartments.

6) Hamline-Midway

Location: west side of St. Paul

Not to be confused with West St. Paul, Hamline-Midway on the west side of St. Paul is named after Hamline University and also has a large student population. This neighborhood is conveniently located between downtown St. Paul and downtown Minneapolis and is well connected to both by Metro Transit buses and the light rail.

7) Saint Anthony Park

Location: northwestern St. Paul

Saint Anthony Park borders southeast Minneapolis and the St. Paul University of Minnesota campus. This neighborhood is populated by many university students and faculty, but it also has a large number of larger, historic single-family homes. Gentle hills and curving streets make it a charming and picturesque neighborhood.

8) Summit Hill

Location: south side of Summit Avenue

This beautiful and historic neighborhood is famous for its well-preserved Victorian mansions, including the James J. Hill House and the Minnesota Governor’s Residence. Summit Hill (also called Crocus Hill) is home to many large, expensive homes, but condos and smaller single-family homes also dot the neighborhood. Shopping and dining on Grand Avenue is a main attraction for Summit Hill.

9) West Seventh

Location: south of downtown St. Paul, along the east bank of the Mississippi River

West Seventh runs diagonally along the river into downtown St. Paul. It’s an up-and-coming neighborhood with an industrial-urban vibe that draws in artists — its landmark Schmidt Brewery is now the Schmidt Artist Lofts — as well as families and young professionals. It features a great mix of older businesses and dive bars, trendy cafes, antique shops, galleries, and  international restaurants.

10) West Side

Location: south of downtown St. Paul, along the west bank of the Mississippi River

Contrary to its name, West Side isn’t on the west side of St. Paul; it’s on the west bank of the meandering Mississippi River. The river separates this neighborhood from the rest of St. Paul, which gives it a suburban feel. The vibrant District del Sol in West Side is well known for its Mexican restaurants and annual Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

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