Full mug of beer from local Saint Paul brewery
Date Published
April 29, 2020

As the majority of craft beer fans continue to practice social distancing to help slow the progression of COVID-19, local brewery owners are doing their part to deliver loyal patrons their favorite styles of beer! The following breweries offer growler sales and curbside pickup, so you can still enjoy local IPAs, lagers, ales, and more at home. 

The state capital of Minnesota, Saint Paul is best known for its unique culture, historic landmarks, Lowertown vibe, and scenic parks. And with over 16 breweries and counting, this extraordinary city is becoming renowned for its local craft beer scene! 

Saint Paul’s craft beer culture started back in 1848 with the launch of Yoerg’s Washington Street Brewery. Seven years later, Schmidt Brewery opened its doors and was later followed by other family-owned Saint Paul breweries, including Hamm’s and Summit

Many of these bigger names began as assembly line factories, where beer was brewed on site, bottled, and distributed for off-premise consumption. It wasn’t until the early 2000s that Surly Brewery (located in Minneapolis) decided to push state laws to make their factory a “destination brewery,” where guests could stop in for a tasting and gather with friends to enjoy craft beer on its premises.  After the Surly law was passed in 2011, more companies, especially smaller ones, started to extend their brewhouse to include a taproom area for guests to sample beer and enjoy some comfort food on site. 

5 Best Breweries in Saint Paul

Whether you live in or are relocating to Saint Paul, Minneapolis, or any of Minnesota’s exciting communities or downtown neighborhoods, here is your official guide to the best breweries in Saint Paul:

  • Bad Weather Brewing: Come rain or treacherous weather, Bad Weather always has a delicious brew on tap to sample and savor. Bad Weather is also one of the top dog-friendly breweries in Saint Paul, next to Lake Monster. Serving up delicious craft beers for every season, this popular Saint Paul brewery specializes in hops (best known for its Hopcromancer), red ales, sour ales, and lagers. It also offers both inside and outside seating and features daily food truck options. 
  • Clutch Brewing Co.: Located on the second level of Saint Paul’s popular Keg and Case Market—which is also located on the historical Schmidt Brew factory site—Clutch offers a diverse selection of craft beers, all with their own unique personalities and names. From smoky black IPAs to sour ales and pilsners, this brewery positions you in the center of all the fun and action of local vendors, gift shops, pizza places, and ice cream parlors. 
  • Barrel Theory: If you find yourself in Lowertown Saint Paul, make sure you stop into Barrel Therapy on East 7th street. Located next to Dark Horse, a popular Saint Paul downtown restaurant, guests can have delicious duck wings, specialty pizzas, and burgers delivered next door to pair with their favorite craft beers. Barrel Theory also features a small outdoor patio at the corner of 7th and Wacouta Street to enjoy some fresh air and local sightseeing. 
  • Dual Citizen: At the center of where Saint Paul and Minneapolis meet lies Dual Citizen, a spacious local brewhouse that serves fresh hops, ales, lagers, and more. Dual is a popular hangout for fans of Minnesota United FC, both before and after a home game! When the temperature increases, the brewery opens up its large windows to let in the fresh summer air. With close proximity to The Naughty Greek, guests can order their favorite Mediterranean-style foods to enjoy with a refreshing pint of craft beer. 
  • Stack Deck Brewing: A hidden gem among Saint Paul breweries, Stack Deck is located at 421 Cedar Street and can also be accessed via the Skyway system through the Treasure Island Center. Offering a hip, local vibe where guests can play board games, challenge their minds at trivia, or spend countless hours playing Mario Kart, Stack Deck is the perfect brewery to spend the afternoon or evening with friends to savor hoppy IPAs, creamy stouts, or mouthwatering lagers. Its beer menu typically changes on a regular rotation, so there is always something new and delicious to try every time you visit. 

Moving to Saint Paul?

Breweries, museums, restaurants, parks, monuments—there’s so much to explore in Saint Paul, MN. If you’re planning to relocate to this exciting city and live in one of its downtown neighborhoods or suburban areas, contact AAA Movers to help you plan all the details. 

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