woman and children unpacking boxes
Date Published
July 22, 2019

Moving can often be a stressful experience, no matter your lifestyle circumstances. Whether you’re a single person moving between nearby Twin Cities apartments or a family of five moving across the country, there’s a lot to think about and manage.

That stress can be compounded even further for families moving with children. Safety, organization, and planning become essential – even more so if your kids are toddlers or younger. Here are some tips to make moving with children an easier and more stress-free process.

Start much earlier than you think you should

Think about how far in advance you’d start packing and planning if you were moving without kids. Now multiply that by five – at least. That’s when you should start the process of moving with children in the Minneapolis or St. Paul area.

There are going to be a lot more obstacles and a lot less time to hurdle them given the little ones involved in the move. Get an early leg up on these tasks so you’re not entirely scrambling when the week of the move arrives.

Make the move an adventure, not an inconvenience

Your kids are largely going to perceive the move based on how you present it. If you paint it as something you have to do and aren’t all that excited about, they’re likely going to follow suit.

But if you paint it as an exciting adventure to a new place with new experiences, they’re more likely to get on board. Talk to your kids about how they’re feeling about the move and let them know this is ultimately a good thing.

Pack their toys while they’re asleep – but not all of them

Packing up your kids’ toys in front of them is sure to send them into a panic at the thought of being without their favorite items. Pack up the toys when the kids are asleep to avoid this disaster – but don’t pack up everything entirely.

Keep some of their favorite toys accessible until moving day – and even during the move – to ensure they always have something to play with.

Ask for help if you need it (which you will)

If you have friends offering to help with packing, you may be better off asking them to help with the kids, instead – if they’re willing. Having someone to take the kids out of the house during a key packing day or two will make a huge difference in allowing you to focus on the task at hand so you can make some major headway.

Don’t be afraid to lean on close friends or family for this – but be prepared to repay the favor in some way following the move.

Plan some fun surprises

Moving takes a toll on all of us, and kids can be understandably upset and a bit bummed following a move from the only home they’ve known thus far. Some new toys, a trip to the ice cream shop, or a playdate with a familiar friend can all help soften the blow of the move and keep the family morale at a good level.

Let your kids plan their new room

Involving the kids in the planning of their new rooms (to an extent) is a great way to get them more excited about the move. Deciding how to arrange things, what colors to choose, and more can all take away from the doldrums of moving for youngsters while also letting them tap into their creative side.

Meet the new neighbors

Taking the initiative to introduce yourself to your new neighbors – and ensuring you introduce the kids, too – will make you all feel more welcome and at home in your new neighborhood. There’s also a chance your neighbors will have kids around the same age as yours, creating the opportunity for a potential friendship or two to blossom right from day one.

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