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Date Published
April 21, 2019

No matter how prepared you think you are, moving in the Twin Cities is always a stressful process. There are always issues you didn’t plan for and unexpected costs and tasks that arise. While no move is entirely stress-free, there are steps you can take before, during, and after a move to improve the process while also saving yourself time and money. These tips also serve to create less work for you and will make the move go more smoothly. Here are eight tips to make sure you know before your next move.

Eat as much of your food as you can

This one is for the weeks leading up to moving day. It’s annoying having to move all the food in your home to your new digs in Minneapolis or the surrounding suburbs, but you also don’t want to waste it by throwing it out. East as much of it as you can before the move so it still goes to good use and you won’t have to worry about moving it. You can also donate perishable items to one of the many food banks throughout the Twin Cities to ensure they go toward a good cause.

Move drawers with items in them

You don’t have to take items out of drawers just to move them into boxes. The drawers themselves are already essentially boxes you can use to serve the same purpose. This will save you money on moving boxes and time as you won’t have to remove or replace any items from your drawers. You can secure the items inside the drawers using plastic wrap to ensure nothing falls out or is damaged.

Leave clothes on the hanger

Where possible, move already hanged clothes while they’re still on the hanger. It’s time-consuming to take everything off its hanger, fold it up, and then rehang it once you get to your new Twin Cities home. You can slide garbage bags over groups of hanged clothes to keep them clean and grouped together during the move.

Pack your suitcases

Your suitcases have to make the move with you anyway, so you may as well get some use out of them. They make great transporting containers for all items, as they already have handles and/or wheels and are designed for on-the-go use. This is a good reason to use them to move heavier items that would be more difficult to move in cardboard boxes, like books and kitchen utensils.

Create handles in boxes

If you’re using a box not intended for moving to transport certain items, cut triangle-shaped holes on both sides to serve as handles for easier lifting. Carrying valuables in a box without handles can too easily lead to damage of items you’ll then have to pay to replace.

Take pictures of packed boxes

Once boxes are packed with various items, it can be almost impossible to remember where things are – especially if they’re not packed by room or by item type. Taking a picture of the inside of each box once it’s packed provides a reference if you need to dig out certain items during the move, like a phone charger or flashlight.

Rubber band doors

Having to reopen doors every time you come in and out is frustrating – especially if you have a heavy box in your arms. Wrapping one rubber band around the doorknob on both sides such that it holds down the latch of the door will prevent the door from fully closing shut behind you as you come in and out. This saves a lot of time throughout the move.

Unpack the kitchen first

The kitchen is usually the most difficult room to unpack following a move, with such a wide variety of items and so much organizing needed. We know it’s hard, but don’t procrastinate on this. Get it out of the way and you’ll have full use of your new Minneapolis kitchen right away – and you won’t have to worry about unpacking it anymore.

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