Young woman packing clothing into a box with handles cut into the sides
Date Published
June 27, 2019

Packing for a local move is not an easy job, but there are some simple ways you can make it more efficient for yourself. With these 8 tips, you can pack like a pro.

1. Put heavier items on the bottom

A good rule of thumb when packing is to put heavier items towards the bottom. This means if you’re packing a box, put heavy items like books at the bottom and fill the top with lighter items. This rule also applies to stacking boxes since heavier boxes at the bottom will stack and balance better.

2. Don’t move empty space

To make for a more efficient move, don’t move empty space. This means you should use every dresser drawer, laundry basket, and suitcase to pack. Not only does this mean you can buy fewer boxes, but you will reduce the risk of running out of space.

3. Secure liquids in plastic

Ideally, you’ll use a plastic bin to transport all the liquids so any spills are contained. If you move liquids in cardboard boxes, carefully wrap them in plastic bags or wrap them in plastic.

4. Use furniture gliders

Protect your home from marks and scratches by using furniture gliders. Whether you are renting or buying a new home, carrying large couches and tables is awkward, and you could scratch your floors or walls. Put furniture gliders on your furniture to make moving easy on both your carpets and floors.

5. Move hanging clothes

If you have clothes on hangers, use garbage bags to pack and move them. You can do this by slipping a garbage bag over a section of hanging clothes and tying it at the neck of the hanger. Zip tie the hangers together so they don’t move. When you’re finished moving in, reuse the garbage bags!

6. Use newspaper with caution

Newspaper can be an affordable and effective way to pack items if you are aware of the risk of ink transferring. If you are moving in hot or humid weather, it will be beneficial to purchase ink-free and acid-free packing paper for items you want to protect from ink. When using newspaper, try not to have the newspaper in direct contact with your items — use it for extra layers after you have already wrapped your items with packing paper.

7. Cut handles into your boxes

Moving heavy or large boxes can be difficult without a good grip. Cutting handles into your boxes can make it easier to lift them. All you have to do is use a box cutter to carve out two upside down triangles into opposite sides of the box.

8. Vacuum seal

Some items are not particularly heavy but can take up a lot of space. Pillows, bedding, clothing, and towels all fall under this category. In this case, vacuum sealing these items can make moving more efficient by taking up less space.

Following these simple tips will make the packing and unpacking process a breeze. Want a stress free move? Moving has never been easier with AAA Movers. Contact us today for a free quote or to book your next move!