Date Published
November 01, 2021


Is the 9-5 work routine feeling a bit…dull? Or maybe instead of sitting behind a computer screen all day, you’d rather be outside in the fresh air and open road?

Some call this the effects of “screen fatigue.” But many are realizing that working a corporate job just isn’t the right career path anymore.

Next question: have you ever considered working for a professional moving company? 

If the idea of more flexibility, physical activity, and helping others sounds like the perfect change of pace and scenery for you, you may consider the prospect of moving jobs.

Do Movers Make Good Money?

This is probably the next question in your mind. After all, aren’t we all taught that you need the security of a corporate job to make a decent living? 

Well, we can’t speak for every moving company, but at AAA Movers, we pay our certified movers $15-$25/hr—plus tips! And the best part? We offer career development opportunities. 

That means if you’re a natural leader, who wants to help improve the services and experiences we provide customers, you’ll be moved up into a leadership position. On average, our team leaders earn $48,000 per year and $4,000 to $8,000 in tips. Right now, we’re even offering a hiring bonus for new drivers and movers!

So, any more questions about earning a living as a professional mover?

Wait, what about benefits and saving for the future? 

At AAA Movers, we have that part covered, too! We offer our employees competitive health Insurance and 401(K) with employer match. Oh, and we also offer paid time off. 

Did we forget to mention that as one of our movers, you’ll also have access to fun games, entertainment, and delicious coffee and complementary donuts?

Right now, you’re probably rushing to fill out our online application. Before you do, however, let’s first talk about what it means to become a AAA Mover

What Does It Take to Become a Good Mover?

We mentioned natural leadership earlier, but there are other essential qualities we look for in each driver and mover we hire.

1.) Problem Solver

Working as a professional mover means you need to be ready for the unexpected. Though your schedule for the day is set and you know where you’re headed, there will always be surprises.

Let’s say you arrive at a home or apartment building to find the freight elevator out of order, a narrow hallway or small door frame, a crowded parking lot, or a storm looming in the background.

Being a professional mover is all about knowing how to respond to problems with a creative mindset. Because our clients are paying you by the hour, you’ll need to think on your feet and provide the best solution for them—from beginning to end. 

2.) Can-Do Attitude

Our movers are ready for anything! They’ve seen it all and moved pretty much anything you can imagine. Most importantly, they’ve done it all with a positive attitude.

Remember, moving is stressful for our clients. Therefore, it’s our responsibility to ease their headaches and give them a first-class experience, so that no matter what happens after we leave, they can say with confidence that the best part was working with AAA Movers.

3.) Self-Motivated

We want our movers to enjoy what they do and make connections with their fellow movers, as well as our customers. We’re always looking for the type of movers who desire to do their best work—every single move. 

  • We mentioned career development earlier because we want movers to feel rewarded for their hard work and move up in their position to make our company the best it can be. 
  • We’re looking for passionate individuals who don’t settle for the mundane or “good enough.” 
  • We want individuals who strive to be the best and provide the best experience for our customers.  

4.) Physical Strength & Stamina

Moving is a physical activity. And though you’ll be working alongside a dedicated team, you’ll be expected to pull your own weight. 

Most of our movers like to think of their jobs as a daily workout—which they actually get paid to do! So, if you like going to the gym, becoming a mover is a great way to stay fit and healthy.

5.) Attention to Detail

An important part of what we do is ensuring customers have the best experience possible. They are entrusting us with their personal belongings, which means we need to be conscious of our actions to give them confidence in our abilities. 

We always treat our customers’ belongings as though they were our own—taking extra care to ensure items are packed securely in boxes and in our trucks, so they’re transported safely to their next destination. 

What Moving Companies Are Hiring Right Now?

At AAA Movers, we’re always on the lookout for applicants who possess these 5 essential qualities! If you’re ready for an exciting change in career direction, we invite you to apply at one of the best moving companies in Minnesota!

We conduct thorough background checks through HireRight and provide training to help you become a certified AAA Mover.

Apply today!