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Date Published
January 27, 2020

Taking a home inventory is an important step in the moving process. It will help you assess what you own, what you may need, and what you can donate or sell. Whether you’re planning to move from an apartment to your first home, downsizing from a family home to a condo, or want an assessment for insurance you should start with an inventory.

Since we live in a digital age, there is (of course) an app for that! In fact, there are several. We’ve broken down some of the best inventory apps and what they can do for you based on your needs.

Encircle (iOS and Android)

Encircle is free and pretty straightforward to use. It allows for unlimited photo uploads of your items and the option to divide them into rooms and/or categories.

This app is specifically for taking inventory of your items for insurance reasons, so it’s ideal for using once you’ve settled into a new home. You can easily link up several devices so everyone in your family can help you!

Magic Home Inventory (Android)

This free app is similar to Encircle — you can take photos of your items and divide them into rooms, categories, and even properties. The properties feature comes in handy if you’re also handling items in a storage unit.

This app also allows you to export and share your items with other devices in your home as well as professional movers (like AAA movers).

Memento Database (Android/Desktop)

Memento Database can be used on your computer desktop or an Android device, and it has a free and a paid version.

The free version allows you to upload unlimited photos into 3 libraries with 50mg of storage. For $3 a month, you have unlimited photo uploads with 2G of storage.

With either version, Memento offers a lot of versatility in how you choose to organize your items. You can view your belongings in a wide variety of formats, export your list to a Google spreadsheet, and much more.

Home Inventory (iOS)

Home Inventory is the pricier of the app options ($39.99) but certainly offers the widest variety of options for maintaining your inventory. In addition to having the ability to upload photos of your items, you can:

  • store receipts and warranty information
  • schedule maintenance alerts for your appliances or other systems
  • get a coverage analysis to determine if you have proper home or renters insurance
  • use an additional option for estate planning

If you’re looking for the app that offers the most in depth options for maintaining your home and inventory, the extra cost is worth it.

Nest Egg (iOS)

Nest Egg is not free, but at only $4.99 you still get all the important key features in a home inventory app. You can categorize your belongings, scan barcodes when necessary, and upload multiple photos for each item. Nest Egg also features online price checking, warranty and product expiration tracking, and has been given excellent customer service reviews.

My Stuff (iOS)

My Stuff is available for $3.99 and is considered one of the most straightforward inventory apps available. In addition to being able to upload your photos, categorize your items by room and collection, there’s also a search feature. You can add detailed notes to each item, export your list of items to PDF, and share your list with up to six additional devices so everyone can have access.

Get Organized for Your Move

Every app has a variety of benefits based on what you’re looking for in home inventory management. Whichever app you choose, you’re guaranteed to have a smoother, less stressful moving process.

An inventory app is a great start, but with AAA Movers your move will be even easier. Contact us today for a free moving quote!