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Date Published
September 30, 2019

The cost of movers in Minneapolis depends on a number of factors such as the size of your home, how far you are moving, and what additional services you need for your move.

What Type of Move Are You Making?


The first step to determining the cost of your move is to know what kind of move you’re making.

Long Distance Moves

A long distance move is just what it sounds like — a move that covers a long distance. But what counts as a long distance? Typically, anything over 50 miles could be considered long distance, but each moving company may have different rules regarding distance, so confirm when you get your estimate.

Long distance moves are broken into two categories: intrastate and interstate.

Intrastate Moves

An intrastate move means that your move is within the boundaries of your current home state — in this case, Minnesota. For example, you could be moving from Minneapolis to Duluth.

Interstate Moves

An interstate move means that your move goes across state lines. For example, you could be moving from Minnesota to Wisconsin or from Illinois to Minnesota.

Local (Residential) Moves

A local home move is a move within your current city or area. Maybe you’re moving from Minneapolis to Edina or from Uptown to Northeast Minneapolis, for example.

Rates for Local and Long Distance Moves

The type of move you are making will typically affect the way you are charged.

Long Distance Moving Rates

Long distance moves are typically charged according to the weight of your shipment, how much stuff you’re moving, the number of miles being traveled, or some combination of those factors.

Local Moving Rates

A local move is usually charged at an hourly rate, and that rate can also be affected by the number of movers. The larger the home, the more movers will be needed, but that also means your move will be completed faster (so the overall rate shouldn’t be dramatically different).

Additional Services and Fees That Can Affect the Cost of Your Move

  • Storage — Some moving companies provide storage services in the event that you need to store your items until your new home is ready. (At AAA Movers you can use our storage facilities even if you aren’t moving!)
  • Packing, Unpacking or De-Cluttering — Many moving companies offer additional services for your move to make it more convenient for you. If you’d like your movers to de-clutter your home to help it sell, pack your items, and/or unpack them at your new home they may be able to accommodate you for an additional fee.
  • Additional Fees — Ask your mover about additional fees that may affect the cost of your move. Some of these may be included in your initial estimate (such as a fee for multiple flights of stairs), but it’s possible for additional things to come up on the actual moving day.

Get a Moving Quote from a Minneapolis Moving Company

The best way to figure out how much it will cost to move in Minneapolis is to get an estimate. Call AAA, your trusted Minneapolis movers, to talk to a moving specialist today, or start the process online with a free quote!