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Date Published
February 10, 2021

Did your business recently relocate? Are you opening a new office downtown or expanding locations? Whatever the reason for your upcoming move, it’s important that you change your business address right away so both customers and vendors know where to find you!

These days changing your business info involves more than simply updating your postal address. There’s also your website, Google My Business (GMB) page, and social media accounts to consider!

To help you keep your customers connected to recent changes in your business, including your new address, here are some tips from AAA Movers

Planning a Business Change of Address?

The Basics

If you’re planning to relocate within the state of Minnesota, in addition to updating your mailing address, you’ll also want to notify the following organizations:

Just like every state is different, every business is unique and requires its own set of licenses and permits to legally operate. So, before you get ready to pack your first box, make sure you contact these local MN departments to ensure you’re in compliance with all business state laws and requirements. Doing this upfront will come in handy come quarterly taxes, too. 

Next on your list is notifying your insurance company of your upcoming move. You’ll want to do this as early as possible to ensure your new location is insured and protected, so you’re not paying for coverage on a space you no longer occupy. 

Right around the time you contact your insurance company, be sure to notify your electric and internet provider, too. Most companies allow you to schedule an end-of-service date and/or beginning-of-service date ahead of time, so you can start using your utilities the moment you arrive at your new office space. 

Some Add-Ons to Consider

Once you have contacted your local state departments, internet providers, insurance company and other related departments that actually help you “run” your business, you’ll want to update some other items, as well


Make sure your company website includes your new address in the footer and contact page. You might also decide, for a limited time, to include a pop-up banner on your home page to alert your clients/customers that you’ll be relocating soon. The sooner you can spread the word about your upcoming relocation, the better! 

Google My Business

Another key area to update is your company’s GMB page. Remember this is how customers search and map your location on their smart devices. Be sure to update your address on this feature. Google typically sends a letter with a confirmation code to confirm it’s really you at the new address. So, set this up as soon as possible to avoid any delays.

Social Platforms

Whether you have a company Facebook page, Instagram, or Mailchimp account, make sure to get the word out about your new location. Start taking pictures of your new building and keep your customers and followers informed on recent updates, so they know exactly where they can find you. 

Need Help Moving Your Business?

Another essential consideration to make is deciding who will help you relocate? At AAA Movers, we’ve helped many small-to-medium-size businesses move to new neighborhoods and buildings across the state with more ease and affordability. 

To learn how we can help you streamline your business move, request a free quote today! One of our experienced moving experts will get in touch shortly to listen to your needs and help you plan out every logistic, so you feel prepared, confident and ready for the next step in your business! 

We also offer an array of business moving services, including employee relocations, storage, packing, AAA Advantage, and much more! 

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