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Date Published
November 05, 2019

Any event as large as moving to a new home is bound to cause a certain amount of stress, but we all know it’s important to keep stress levels to a minimum for your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. Throughout your move, practice these 7 tactics for managing anxiety and stress, and you’ll have a much more positive moving experience.

1. Start early and get organized

One of the best ways to beat stress is to go into things with a plan and give yourself ample time. If you know you’re starting well in advance of your move and have a moving plan to follow you’ll feel more calm and in control.

2. Get plenty of sleep

This advice might seem obvious or overused, but the fastest way to feel more stressed out, exhausted, and run down is to go without sleep. When you’re busy trying to plan and organize a move it can be easy to start losing sleep, so make it a priority to get your much needed rest.

3. Eat a healthy diet

If you’re trying to sustain yourself on a diet of Chinese takeout and pizza delivery during your move — or worse, chips and soda pop — you will quickly feel the effects. A healthy diet is a major contributor to both physical and emotional health, so make sure you’re eating your veggies!

4. Work out your tension

One of the best ways to work tension out of your body and keep more from creeping in is physical activity. Whether you play a sport, join a gym or fitness class, or just take a nightly stroll, regularly getting out and moving your body will make you feel more positive and grounded.

5. Take some time out

With all the moving parts that go into a move, you might feel like you can’t (or shouldn’t) stop to take a breath. But carving out some time for yourself is exactly what you’ll need to stay sane — schedule it on your daily planner if you have to. Some people prefer yoga or meditation, others a manicure or brunch with friends. Do whatever works for you!

6. Have a backup plan

Your moving plan should include backup plans for various “what if” scenarios. What will you do if your movers are late? What if your moving day babysitter falls through? Knowing what your plan B is will save tons of stress if anything does go wrong and give you peace of mind either way.

7. Go with the flow

Nothing is perfect, and things don’t always go as planned despite the best efforts. And that is OK. Being able to accept that and go with the flow when things are out of your control is one of the biggest lessons to learn in stress management.

Bonus tip: Let professionals take care of things!

Hiring a professional moving company to handle some aspects of your move will take a tremendous weight off your shoulders. AAA Movers has certified moving professionals and moving planners to help you through your move with ease. We’ve been a trusted source for moving in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and beyond for over 50 years — give us a call to get started!