Wine glasses. Learn how to pack glass effectively for your next move.
Date Published
May 05, 2021

Transporting your items from Point A to Point B damage-free is priority #1 for any move. When it comes to packing glassware, it takes a little more effort to protect these fragile pieces from chips, cracks or an all-out break. To help you out, AAA Movers has compiled our tips and tricks on how to pack glassware safely and effectively when moving.

Start by Sorting

Before you begin to think about wrapping your glasses with bubble wrap, first organize all your drinking glasses, wine glasses, and other glassware by size. By packing glassware by size, you’ll be able to nest items inside each other for extra security.

Choose the Right Box

Selecting the right supplies is key. Choose a medium-sized box that will be lighter and easier to move these fragile items. Be sure to line the bottom with packing paper or towels to protect against any bumps while traveling.

Cell packs with cardboard dividers for securing each piece individually are a must when planning how to pack glassware when moving. You can buy these specialty boxes from a packing supply store or ask your local grocery or liquor store. To save costs, buy the dividers or cells separately and place in your own box or tote.

Wrap Your Glassware

Now that you have the right box set-up, start by wrapping larger glasses with bubble wrap or packing paper. Follow these simple steps for wrapping before you start packing your glassware:

  • Gently fill the globe of each piece with packing paper or bubble wrap until there’s almost no space left.
  • Lay the glass on its side and begin wrapping glasses with bubble wrap or packing paper.
  • Tuck the paper into the globe as you roll and fold extra paper around the stem.
  • Nest 3-4 glasses and wrap the set of glasses in more bubble wrap or packing paper. 

Planning to use newspaper for packing glassware? Choose plain newsprint since regular newspaper uses ink that can stain your glassware. If you decide to use newspaper, add in extra time for washing your glassware at your new home to clean up any black ink.

How to Pack the Glasses

Begin filling your box with the heavier, wrapped glasses at the bottom. Place extra fragile glassware with stems at the very top for extra cushioning. For cell boxes, use extra paper to ensure each item fits tightly in each cell. You can switch between small and large glasses for a secure fit. 

Add extra packing material on top for an extra layer of protection.

Final Check When Packing Glassware

Before you get out the packing tape, gently shake the box. If you hear any glass clicking, consider wrapping glasses with more bubble wrap. Then close the flaps and secure it with packing tape down the middle and over each flap. Make sure to label the box with “fragile” clearly readable from all angles.

AAA Movers is Here to Help

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