Young child playing in front of flat screen TV.
Date Published
November 11, 2020

Whether you’re a sports fanatic or movie guru, we’re willing to guess you own a flat screen TV. In fact, most American homes are stocked with the latest smart technology to provide an extra layer of entertainment, as well as convenience, to our daily routines.

When it comes time to move, however, these smart devices are often more fragile to relocate from one residence to another. If you’re planning an upcoming move, you might have questions about moving your flat screen TV to avoid costly damages or a Sunday afternoon without your favorite team playing in the background. Lucky for you, AAA Movers is here to help!

Check out our 5 simple steps on packing a flat screen TV.

How to Pack a TV like a Pro

1.) Take Photos: If you have a photographic memory, you can skip this step. But if you’re like the rest of us, remembering which cord plugs into where can be confusing and frustrating.

Before unplugging your TV set, we recommend you snap a couple photos of its wiring with your smartphone to save you the headache when it’s time to set up your entertainment center at your new home.

2.) Stay Organized: Remember when you first received your flat screen TV? Everything was neatly packaged inside a single box. The cables were separated and stored in a plastic bag, the mounds were sealed in a separate compartment, and the instructions were readily available.

Okay, you may not have kept the instruction manual, but in order for your TV to work, you kept the other essential parts and accessories, right?

Try to recreate how your TV first arrived at your home by keeping cords and small parts in a plastic bag and taping it to the back of your TV monitor. The key is to make sure every part and accessory that belongs to your TV set is stored safely together but in different compartments for easy access!

3.) Secure and Protect Your Flat Screen TV: During a move, things get busy and your attention goes elsewhere. If you’re having friends or family help you with the move, it’s likely that your personal items will get hauled on the moving truck without your supervision. And more often than not, when you arrive at your new home, you discover that your flat screen TV is wedged between boxes or your bed frame is crushing your TV’s power cord.

Plan for this by using foam or a thick blanket to wrap your TV so that it’s securely padded around each side. Make sure to wrap it around tightly and secure it with tape or a rope, so it doesn’t slip or move while inside the box.

4.) Box Your TV: Find an appropriate moving box to fit your flat screen TV. The box should include some extra space around the edges for you to fill this area with foam or bubble wrap. This ensures your TV doesn’t move and is safely secure and ready for its next destination. Also, remember to label this moving box “fragile.”

5.) Keep TV in Upright Position: When you load your flat screen TV onto the moving truck, keep the box in the upright position nestled securely between a mattress, dresser, or another flat, sturdy object, so it won’t wiggle or shift during the move.

Trust AAA Movers with Moving Your Flat Screen TV

Whether you’re moving across town or across states, trust the experienced moving pros at AAA Movers to get your belongings there safely.

In addition to providing expert TV packing tips, you can also count on us for tips on moving canvases, bathrooms and kitchens, and business equipment! And if you do decide to leave the details to the pros, we offer professional packing services to  put your mind at ease.

To see how we can help streamline your next move, request a free quote today.  A member of our team will reach out to you shortly to discuss your options and work with you to schedule your moving date and all the details.