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Date Published
September 15, 2022

Necklaces hanging side by side. Packing jewelry correctly keeps them from getting tangled.

As you carefully tuck lamps, dishes, and other household items into moving boxes, you’re probably wondering about the smaller, priceless possessions. You know, your grandmother’s antique necklace or the tennis bracelet you wear every New Year’s Eve. 

How to Pack Jewelry for Moving (According to the Experts)

Jewelry packing takes extra consideration and care to ensure these special items stay protected when Moving Day finally arrives. 

How to Pack Necklaces

When you’re thinking about how to pack jewelry, start with your larger items, like necklaces. You can use see-through Ziploc bags of varying sizes to keep chains together. 

Not sure how to keep necklaces from tangling? Try the straw trick:

Thread your more delicate items through a paper straw and clasp it. For larger pieces, you can experiment with using toilet paper or paper towel rolls. This will help them from wrapping around each other during transit. 

Pro-tip: Along the way, protect your wrapped necklaces with packing paper.

How to Pack Bracelets

Box full of organized bracelets.

Packing bracelets can depend on how many you have and the range of styles.

Try the straw trick for smaller bracelets to keep them from getting twisted up. 

For larger, chunkier bracelets, you could simply keep them in your existing armoire or dresser and secure the drawers so they won’t open in the moving truck. You could also try a jewelry roll to keep bracelets organized in separate compartments. 








Rings in a pink storage case.

How to Pack Earrings, Rings, and Pins

Smaller items like earrings, rings, and pins can be the trickiest items to pack because they can quickly become lost. Picking the right supplies for top-notch organization is critical!

A pill case, tackle box, bead organizer, or jewelry organizer are great storage solutions to keep your earrings safe and sound.

To ensure you don’t lose an earring through the move, attach each set to a button that you place in a small bag.

Here are a few more ideas to help you: 

  • Use tissue paper. Wrap each piece individually in tissue paper to protect against scratches, especially with gold items.
  • Get creative.  You don’t have to buy anything fancy to hold your jewelry — you can repurpose items you already have, such as egg cartons, a hard sunglasses case, or a foam sheet from a recent delivery. 

Our #1 Tip for Moving Your Valuables

Above all, we recommend keeping valuables safely with you in your car on Moving Day

Valuable may include: 

  • Jewelry 
  • Photographs 
  • Money
  • Antiques
  • Birth certificates, new job contacts, realtor information, and closing papers 

This will ensure these pieces get safely to your home without issue. (The last thing you want to do is find you left behind a priceless photo or identification documentation!) 

Before you move, take the time to make sure any relevant pieces are covered by insurance. 

You Could Just Hire AAA Mover Packing Experts 

We know that moving takes a lot of work, and packing is just one aspect. Hopefully, these packing tips will help you start your next adventure. 

AAA Movers is your go-to resource for how to pack jewelry and other valuables you want to keep safe and secure on Moving Day. But if you don’t want to do the packing yourself, we can help. As Minnesota movers, we can assist with everything from securing boxes and supplies to long- and short-term storage solutions

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