Happy couple unpacking boxes in living room at new home
Date Published
July 09, 2019

Moving can be a tedious and time-consuming process that feels like it takes months to fully reach completion. However, there are steps you can take to make the process easier on yourself and less costly of your time.

One of the most important steps is to simplify and streamline the unpacking process. Here are some key ways to improve the unpacking phase so you can settle into your new Twin Cities house and begin your new life ASAP.

Pack well before the move

The most important factor in simplifying the unpacking process is how well you pack in the first place. If items are well organized and packed efficiently and space-consciously, unpacking will be much easier. You’ll know where things are and you’ll be able to unpack related items at the same time as you’re outfitting your new Minneapolis home.

For example, it’s much easier to unpack and set up kitchen items if they’re all in boxes labeled “kitchen” instead of randomly strewn throughout your moving materials. If items are poorly organized and not packed in a way that makes the most of each box, moving and unpacking are going to be much more frustrating. Easy unpacking starts with smart packing.

Unpack essentials first

During the packing process, you should have put together one or two boxes of key items you’ll need to comfortably get through the first couple days following the move – until you’ve had time to unpack everything in its proper place.

Unpacking these essential items first prevents a great deal of inconvenience in this interim period – items like toiletries, bedding, and sufficient seating.

Know where things are going

Don’t just start opening boxes at random and setting items all over the place. When items are all grouped together in boxes is when they should be transported to their correct room. This is also a factor of the packing process and points to the importance of grouping and labeling boxes before moving in the Twin Cities.

You should also be sure you know where all large furniture is going before you start assembling it. Otherwise, you might take the time to assemble a bookcase or pool table only to find out you need to disassemble it to move it to another room.

Unpacking in sequence

Determine which rooms are of the most urgency to you and unpack those items first. If it’s the bathrooms, unpack all bathroom items first. If it’s the bedrooms, do all of those spaces before moving onto the next.

This sequential method makes the unpacking more digestible and helps you keep a mental note of what’s done and what still needs to be done. The sequence of unpacking typically includes:

  • Kitchen
  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Living room spaces
  • Utility spaces (garage, laundry room, storage)
  • Outdoor spaces

Remember – this is exciting!

All in all, unpacking is an exciting process! This is your time to make your new Minneapolis house into a home. Don’t forget to stay positive and find some enjoyment in the process. This also helps speed up the work and takes away from the headaches of moving.

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