Decorated Christmas tree with hearth and stockings. Learn how to safely pack holiday decorations.
Date Published
December 07, 2022

Though they only come out once a year, Christmas decorations are often our most prized possessions. Some homeowners have told us their decorations and ornaments go back three generations or more! With that in mind, it’s worth knowing how to go about moving Christmas decorations safely ahead of your move, no matter what time of year it is.

Now is a great time to review your inventory and give your holiday storage a fresh start in your new home. Here are a few tips from AAA Movers that may help when you’re moving during the holidays or packing holiday decorations.

How to Pack Christmas Decorations

Whether you have a dedicated box for ornaments or not, packing holiday decorations for moving is different from simply storing them in an attic or basement. To start, have some bubble wrap or packing paper on hand to surround each ornament inside a divided box. This will keep them from shifting during your move.

For non-fragile ornaments, you could DIY it and use egg cartons if they are small enough (we use this same tip for jewelry) or put them inside plastic zip-top bags. Make sure that when you pack these, you fill your boxes with crumpled paper to support them. Avoid newspaper if you can, as the print may transfer to your decorations and will be very difficult to remove.

How to Pack Christmas Lights

Did you toss your holiday lights into a box after last year’s festivities, making it your future self’s problem? Well, that future has come. Take time while packing holiday decorations to pull your lights out and replace them properly.

To start, wrap your cords around a wide yet narrow base, like a new book or piece of cardboard, or use a special reel like the kinds you can find at Wayfair or Lowes. Keep each cord separate, possibly in its own plastic bag, to keep the lights from snagging inside the box. Cable ties are another excellent option for keeping each light strand in place.

How to Pack a Christmas Tree (and Wreath)

If you use an artificial Christmas tree each year, or you’d like to place a Christmas wreath on your new front door immediately after moving in, it’s wise to know the right ways to safely get them to your new home.

Dedicated storage bags and boxes are great options—U-Haul offers this durable storage bag duffle for trees—just remember to pack your box tightly if there’s any open space. The holidays are a great time to find dedicated Christmas wreath containers at big box stores like Bed, Bath & Beyond, Wal-Mart, and Home Depot.

More Tips for Packing Holiday Decorations

Since you’re already in transition mode, it’s a great time to complete the following tasks while tackling your holiday decorations:

  • Declutter your collection by finally removing unwanted or broken items you’ve been holding onto for far too long.
  • Transition from old-fashioned, bulky plastic totes to well-constructed boxes to make moving and storage easier.
  • Fill each box fully to keep items from shifting, though don’t mix your holiday decorations with everyday household items (use packing paper or bubble wrap if you need to).
  • Mark your holiday decorations boxes as fragile to avoid stacking heavy boxes on top.

Hire Your Local Packing Experts

AAA Movers is your go-to resource for moving during the holidays, thanks to our careful process for keeping your valuables safe and secure on Moving Day. Check out our helpful guides and packing tips for more help ahead of your move.