Beautiful lamp on a living room side table. Packing lamps is something AAA Movers can handle with ease.
Date Published
January 19, 2022

Packing correctly and effectively for your upcoming move helps prevent damage to your prized possessions, including your furniture. Breakables such as lamps require extra special care and planning. Our tips will help ensure every base, shade, and light bulb arrives safely to your new home. 

How to Pack Lamps

Before your move, you’ll want to spend time preparing to pack your lamp carefully: 

  • Take an Inventory: Document all the lamps you plan to take with you. Note how many and their respective sizes.  
  • Choose the Right Boxes: Select boxes closest to the size and shape of each lamp. Consider buying boxes from the moving company to ensure a secure fit. 
  • Get Additional Supplies: Stock up on bubble wrap, newsprint, paper pads, and packing tape. 
  • Separate the Pieces: The safest way to pack lamps for moving is to separate the base, lampshade, and lightbulbs into individual items. That will decrease the chance of an accident along the way. 

How to Pack Lightbulbs

Start by discarding incandescent bulbs that are prone to breaking en route. If you want to hang on to your longer-lasting CFL or LED light bulbs, wrap them individually in bubble wrap. Find a box of other fragile items and place the bulbs safely inside. 

How to Pack Lamp Bases

To pack lamp bases for moving, wrap the power cord around the bottom and tuck the end into the wrapped cord. You’ll want to skip the packing tape for this step, which may damage the base. Then you should:

  • Wrap the Base: Lay bubble wrap out on a table or other flat surface and roll the base several times before securing it with tape. Cover the bottom and top with plenty of bubble wrap and tape. You could also use a paper pad to protect the lamp base. 
  • Pack the Base: Place the lamp in a box base down, and fill in any extra space with newsprint, bubble wrap, or towels. Keep these elements together to make unpacking easier—wrap smaller pieces, including the harp and finial, in packing paper and place them inside. 

How to Pack Lampshades

To pack lampshades, wrap the shade with tissue paper, a pillowcase, or a lightweight towel. Avoid newspaper, which can leave marks on the material. Then:

  • Pack the Shade: Place the lampshade in a box that’s large enough to fit clean paper around the bottom and sides for extra protection.  
  • Save Space: If you are confident the shades won’t be crushed inside, nest multiple lampshades together. Extra packing paper or bubble wrap adds another layer of padding.

Final Steps for Packing Lamps for Moving

Seal each box with packing tape and label the box with Lamp” as well as the intended room (i.e., Living Room or Bedroom). One essential step for packing lamps is to write Fragile and This End Upon each box. This reminds the movers to take extra care with your lighting and other fragile items. 

AAA Movers Are Your Packing Experts

If you’re not in the mood for packing lamps or you’re tight on time, our team of experts at AAA Movers can help! We can handle all of your packing needs before transporting you to your next destination. 

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