Woman smiling in mirror's reflection; how to pack a mirror
Date Published
January 12, 2021

Back in September 2020, we shared tips on how to pack paintings and canvas art safely. But moving fragile artwork from one location to the next isn’t the only headache you might encounter during a move. Mirrors and framed pictures, for instance, can be just as tricky to pack and handle with care.

To help you pack for your upcoming move, here are 3 tips for packing mirrors and framed pictures from the experts at AAA Movers.  

How to Pack Mirrors & Frames with Glass

Avoid Stacking 

You wouldn’t stack wine glasses and other glassware on top of one another, right? So, it makes sense that you wouldn’t do this for glass picture frames or mirrors either. 

Doing so may lead to cracked or broken glass that can quickly become a safety hazard. The best way to avoid shattered glass is to pack each item separately, so each item is protected. 

Utilize Moving Supplies & Boxes

If you’re trying to pack a large mirror or multiple mirrors, be sure to gather all the necessary tools:

    1. Bubble Wrap
    2. Blanket (for added protection)
    3. Mirror or TV Box
    4. Painter’s Tape
    5. Packing Tape
    6. Packing Paper

You might see the words “painter’s tape,” and wonder, what’s that for? In a previous article, we discussed the importance of applying two strips of painter’s tape across glass, making an X symbol. 

Why is this essential? Should, for some unfortunate reason, the glass break during the move, this X will prevent the glass from shattering in the box and creating more damage.

The other items on our checklist should be self-explanatory: wrap the mirror or framed picture in bubble wrap to protect the glass, use packing tape to secure it, and wrap moving blankets or even your comforter around the piece for added protection. 

And remember, moving companies like AAA Movers offer many options in terms of moving boxes to fit your needs. That means you’re no longer limited to the four even walls of a square box to store your belongings. You can choose from many options to store your mirror and framed pictures. And be sure to use some packing paper to fill in any gaps between your mirror and moving box. 

Test Before You Move

Even if you’ve safely secured your mirror or framed artwork with packing tape and bubble wrap, it’s not a bad idea to give it a quick test to ensure it’s secure. 

When you think your moving box is secured, simply lift the box carefully and give it a little shake. If you feel the mirror move around or the tape give way, even slightly, you’ll need to address it. Remember, during a move, your belongings are transported back and forth, which means those vulnerabilities will only get worse. 

Don’t be afraid to give your packing skills a test; just make sure it’s in a safe area where if your box were to break open, it would not damage the item or injure you.

Packing Mirrors and Other Priceless Items with AAA Movers

We hope these tips proved helpful for your upcoming move. Of course, if you’d rather leave the packing and moving to the experts, our team is here to help.

From professional packing services to moving supplies, storage, and planning, our local moving company has the experience and tools to help you streamline your residential or commercial move.

To learn how we can help, request a free quote today! Our moving specialists will be in touch to help you coordinate the logistics of your move with ease and understanding. Our goal is to make moving fun, easy, and tailored to your schedule and budget. 

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