Young woman working on canvas artwork in home.
Date Published
September 16, 2020

The Twin Cities are home to a dynamic art cultural scene. From breathtaking art sculptures and murals to majestic gardens, collaborative art festivals, and inspiring museums, if you have a passion for art, you’ve come to the right place. And if you’re moving to Minneapolis or Saint Paul from another state or Minnesota residence, you might be carrying a few beloved art pieces of your own to decorate your new space.

To ensure your painting and canvases arrive safely, and without a dent or scratch, here are our top do’s and don’ts of keeping paintings safe while moving!

Tips for Packing Canvas Artwork

Do Grab the Right Supplies

Before you get started, be sure you have all the essentials for packing canvases, including: 

  • Bubble Wrap (or a blanket)
  • Painter’s Tape
  • The Right Size Box (or boxes)
  • Shipping Tape
  • Sharpie 
  • Parchment Paper

Don’t Package Your Canvas Just Anywhere

Designate an area of your home, where you’d like to package your art pieces. Make sure this is a flat area. Before you lay your canvas on the table or floor, put bubble wrap down first or a blanket. Don’t let your canvas lay directly on the floor without some type of cushioning first. 

Do Wrap with Care

Before laying your canvas down on its cushion, measure enough parchment paper to fully wrap around the entire front and back of the piece and lay this down first. 

Next, place your canvas down and begin to wrap the edges of the paper around the canvas. Parchment paper is helpful because it won’t stick to your canvas, which can remove paint. It also won’t allow other substances, like rain or spills, to interfere or damage the piece during travel. 

Using your painter’s tape, secure the paper around the piece (think about how you would wrap a gift). Remember to not get the painter’s tape on the canvas itself.

Now, put bubble wrap on the cushion area and lay your paper-wrapped canvas back down. Begin wrapping the bubble wrap around the canvas like you did with the paper, and secure it with shipping tape. Place it in the correct size box and fill any extra spaces with foam or a blanket to ensure your canvas stays in one place. 

Don’t Pack Multiple Canvases Together

This might sound like a great way to save on time or minimize the amount of boxes you’ll need for the move. But it’s better to wrap and pack your canvas art separately. This helps avoid scratching, puncturing, or any damage that could occur when items are stacked together.  

Tips for Packing Paintings with Glass Frames

If one or more of your paintings are housed in secure glass frames, you’ll want to follow the same list of do’s and don’ts for packing a canvas; however, before you use the parchment paper, remember to first apply two strips of painter’s tape across the glass, making an X symbol. 

This is a clever trick, and it really works. Should, for some unfortunate reason, the glass break during the move, this X will prevent the remaining glass from shattering in the box, which as we know is a safety hazard and can further damage the painting.

Believe it or not, having the X there can actually prevent a crack in the glass from happening during the trip, too. It holds the glass in place, which can come in handy on bumpy roads.  

Tips for Transporting Canvas Art & Paintings

Do Label Your Boxes

After you have carefully wrapped and packaged your artwork, remember to label each box with the word “fragile” or “canvas.” During a move, things can get busy, and when deciding which box goes where, you may forget where your canvases are stored. This helps you remember to handle these boxes with a little “extra” care.

Don’t Lay Other Items on Your Canvas Boxes

This tip might sound obvious, but again, during a move, you might feel a need to rush, especially if your landlord needs you to hand in your keys at a certain time, or you have a long ride ahead. When things get busy, they can get chaotic really fast. And sometimes that leads us to make rash decisions that could impact the safety of our belongings, especially our paintings. Even during a rush, make sure to place your canvas art pieces in a secure spot on the moving truck that won’t get crushed by other boxes.

Do Hire Professional Movers

The truth is though we all appreciate when our friends and family offer to help us move, the chances of them treating our belongings with the same level of care that we would are slim. 

And, let’s not forget, if you’re running around trying to get everything settled with your landlord or real estate agent, you might not see your older brother, shoving your priceless art pieces in the corner of the moving truck.

When you hire professional movers like AAA Movers, you get complete peace of mind and the freedom to focus on what you need to accomplish while we handle all the heavy lifting and moving! 

Our team is experienced in moving canvas art, paintings, sculptures, you name it! And we do it all with the highest level of care and respect for your belongings. We’ll help ensure all your items, not just your artwork, are properly stored in our trucks safely, so they’re ready for the trip ahead. 

Need Help Moving to Minneapolis or Saint Paul?

No matter what you need to move, or where you’re headed, trust AAA Movers to get your belongings there on time, on budget, and in condition you left it in. 

To get started, request a free quote today! If you have questions about your upcoming move to Minnesota, need storage to house your canvases, or even if you need help packing, our team is here to help. We’ll set you up with a moving specialist to plan the logistics, so you feel ready to start your new adventure in the Twin Cities. 

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