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August 28, 2023

Going through your belongings is a must before preparing to move. After all, you don’t want to spend time and money packing and moving items you don’t need in the first place. A garage sale is a great place to start as you work on downsizing your belongings. 

How to Have a Successful Yard Sale

  • Pick a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday morning. This is the best time of the week to attract buyers. The earlier in the day you start, the cooler it’ll be for you and your potential buyers. 
  • Schedule it for the beginning of the month. On or right after the 1st, most people have extra disposable income. Scheduling your garage sale at the beginning of the month can encourage people to spend more than they might later.
  • Make items look at nice as possible. Give them a scrub or dust them down before setting them out. No one wants to buy a dirty dish towel or muddy shoes.
  • Offer different payment options. Not everyone carries around cash these days. Offer Venmo, PayPal, or even credit card payments through apps like Square so people can pay you in the easiest way. Have change on hand for those who do bring cash.
  • Set the right tone. Create an attractive and welcoming atmosphere to invite people in and keep them looking around longer. Display your belongings on tables and clothes racks instead of the ground. And pipe in cheery music to put folks in a good mood.
  • Help out your buyers. Set out a mirror for anyone who wants to try on clothes. Have an extension cord or two on hand so people can make sure lamps and other electronics for sale work. 

How to Price Garage Sale Items

Instead of rushing to do it the night before, price your items as you’re going. As you pull items into your “sell” pile, jot down your preferred price. Remember, people shopping at garage sales are expecting discounts. For higher-priced items, you may be better off selling them online. 

Make sure your prices are visible so people aren’t confused and put the item down. You can use stickers or even masking tape and a permanent marker. 

Here are some average prices to get you thinking about pricing your own inventory:

  • Clothing: $3-5, more if the item has tags, less if it’s worn down.
  • Shoes: $3-7, unless they’re name brand.
  • Jewelry: $2-4. If you think it’s more valuable, consider having it appraised.
  • Books: $2-3, with hardcovers being on the higher end.
  • Toys: $2-4, depending on condition.
  • Furniture: $10-30, depending on condition.

Pro-tip: Scout out local sales to get a sense of comparative prices. This will help you from over- or underpricing your belongings and maximize profits. 

Advertising Garage Sales

Of course, there’s no point in planning a moving sale if no one comes by. Here are a few ways to advertise your garage sale:

  • Create attractive information signage. Nothing beats a good old-fashioned garage sale sign. Create a few copies with the date, time, and location printed clearly and legibly. Position them around your neighborhood, especially at highly frequented intersections and businesses. 
  • Submit to your local newspaper. Your paper may have an opportunity to promote your garage sale. 
  • Post to social media. Social media can help your friends and family know to stop by and check out your sale. If you have one, post to your community or neighborhood group. 
  • Post to online Garage Sale Finders. People are actively looking for good deals. Reach them by posting to some of these places: 

Pro-tip: Some sites may take time to upload your post, so plan ahead and submit your event a few days early. 

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Hire Decluttering Help

Hopefully, these garage sale tips will prepare you for success and extra cash. Need more help? AAA Movers can declutter your space so it’s ready for staging, packing, and moving. We’ve helped folks like you move since we opened more than 50 years ago.  Learn more about our decluttering services, and then reach out for a free quote from our team. We look forward to serving your needs and exceeding your expectations. 

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