Three older women sitting together on a couch. Senior moving services can make this next chapter even easier.
Date Published
February 15, 2022

Moving is more than bringing belongings from Point A to Point B. It’s closing a chapter and choosing to embrace what’s next. For seniors, moving can be incredibly emotional after years or decades in a single home within a close-knit community. 

Choosing the right company to help seniors downsize and handle senior moving is key to a meaningful, stress-free experience. We detail what to look for in senior moving services to help manage this significant transition. 

Why Hiring Movers for Seniors is Unique

Hiring movers for seniors is unique because moving as a senior is unique. Unlike earlier life stages where boxes might overflow with baby clothes, kids’ sports equipment, and art projects, this transition usually centers around downsizing or “right-sizing.”

During their golden years, seniors moving into a new home need to sort through many items—and emotions—before closing the front door for the final time. Physical constraints may also limit how much packing and unpacking seniors can do themselves. 

It’s a delicate time, often filled with both excitement and sadness. Choosing the right movers for seniors helps this process run smoothly.

What to Look for in Senior Moving Services

When researching companies that help seniors downsize, think about the whole process from beginning to end. You want to choose a professional senior moving company that: 

  • Plans with You: Choose movers who provide a one-on-one consultation to understand your unique situation and needs. The representative should make you feel supported and confident heading into this experience.
  • Helps De-clutter: The best companies that help seniors downsize also help de-clutter during the selling process to give buyers an excellent first impression and kickstart a thoughtful right-sizing.
  • Boasts Specialty Moving Experience: Your prospective company should be able to cite many examples of carefully handling large and delicate items, especially equipment like elevators and ramps.
  • Offers Storage Options: Companies that help seniors downsize understand how challenging it is to sift through a lifetime of personal items. Select movers for seniors who provide secure, climate-controlled storage options in case you need it.
  • Understands Extra Senior Moving Services: The right movers for seniors will include additional services to make a move more manageable, including access to affordable boxes or free labels.
  • Fits Your Budget: Fixed incomes make the cost of senior moving even more critical. Choose senior movers who offer free quotes and are willing to customize their services to fit your budget. 

AAA Movers: A Personalized Approach to Senior Moving

AAA Movers specializes in a personalized senior moving experience that acknowledges the significance of this important life transition. Our preferred partnership with Rose’s Daughters connects you with even more specialty services for a stress-free move from beginning to end. Discover our unique approach and reach out today for your free quote.