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Date Published
May 01, 2019

Moving to a new city is an exciting experience. It’s gives you the opportunity to do a mental reset and have new experiences. It’s also natural that you may feel a bit anxious in a place that is new and unfamiliar to you.

The Minneapolis AAA movers team has collected some tips garnered from our years of experience with long-distance moves to help you get to know your new city.

Our tips will help you feel comfortable and self-assured in your new surroundings right away.

Visit your new city before you move

If you can, visiting the city you’re relocating to before the move will make you feel more confident right from the get-go. If you’re relocating for a job or military service, you understandably might not get the opportunity to do this step.

Visiting your new city at least once before you move gives you a chance to:

  • see and explore your new neighborhood firsthand
  • get a feel for the neighborhoods of the city
  • start figuring out how to navigate around the city

Do online research on the city

You’ve probably already done some research on your new city, either when you where deciding where you wanted to move or when you were searching for a new home (or both). Once again, if you are relocating for work or military service, you may not have had a chance to do much initial research.

This is your chance to do a deep dive into your new home.

Check out city government websites, calculate your commute length and path, find out crime rates and walkability scores — the list is endless!

Tap into your social network

One of the hardest parts of adjusting to a new city is not knowing anyone. Post about your move on social media to see if your network can connect you to someone you know who is already living in the city.

You might find that an old coworker, roommate, or family friend lives in the city and is willing to meet up. Seeing a familiar face will instantly make you feel more at home.

Pro mover tip: If you have kids, you can try doing something similar for them. Are there family friends in the city with kids their age? Are there old neighbors who had kids or a past classmate that moved to the area?

Use your new coworkers as a resource

Once you’ve actually moved and are somewhat settled in, your new coworkers can be a major resource. Ask them for restaurant recommendations, places they like to visit, and things to do or see. You might even get some volunteers to show you around!

Pro mover tip: Ask for recommendations on doctors and dentists. You will have the same insurance provider and therefore get recommendations that are automatically in your network!

Consume local news and media

Tap into the news and culture of your new city by reading and following various local media. Here are some ideas to get you started.

  • watch the local news
  • read local papers, blogs, or newsletters
  • listen to local podcasts
  • subscribe to a community event calendar
  • follow or join relevant social media pages or feeds
  • search hashtags on social media relevant to your community

Set aside time to explore

Use some free time to explore your new city. Just let yourself wander with no particular plan or end destination and see what you discover. You may stumble upon a hidden gem of a restaurant, a park or playground, cute boutique stores, or a local coffee shop that’s on your morning commute.

Pro mover tip: Try out different means of transportation. Walking or biking gives you a different perspective and can lead to discoveries you wouldn’t have found driving. This is also a great time to try out the public transportation system.

Be a tourist in your own town

Experience your town or city as if you were a tourist. It’s a great way to take in a lot of the local flavor quickly. Make plans to do activities like:

  • visit local hot spots, museums, and landmarks
  • read reviews on Yelp to find restaurants that are local favorites
  • look into local events and festivals
  • take in some live theater or a concert
  • cheer on local teams at sporting events

Pro mover tip: Talk to bartenders and servers. They talk to many people every day and can usually offer insights and recommendations, from other restaurants to try to events happening around town.

Roll up your sleeves and get involved

Submerge yourself in your new community by getting involved and actively participating. Try joining local clubs for hobbies or causes that interest you. Volunteer to help at a local charity, senior center, or on a community board.

If you have school-age children, consider joining the PTA or participating in other roles like volunteering as a coach or chaperone, helping with a fundraiser, or becoming a tutor or mentor.

Pro mover tip: Join a social networking service for your neighborhood such as Nextdoor. These apps keep you in the loop about neighborhood happenings. Your real neighbors can post things ranging from block parties to requests to borrow yard equipment.

Plan your move and start getting settled in

Whether you’re moving to a new neighborhood, a new city, or a new state our experienced team of movers in Minneapolis is ready to help. We’re committed to giving you the best customer service and professionalism for a stress-free experience.

Contact us to get a free moving quote or to book your move.