Couple moving into new home taking a break and having lunch
Date Published
November 18, 2019

You don’t have to rely on takeout or delivery to feed yourself or your family during a move — you can enjoy healthier options and save yourself some money with a little bit of planning.

Here are some tips and ideas for easy meals you can make leading up to your move and while you’re unpacking.

Some things to keep in mind about cooking during a move

  • You’ll be busy and tired
  • Schedules may be thrown out of wack
  • Most of your things will be in boxes
  • The fewer dishes, silverware, and cookware you need to dig out (or wash), the better
  • Crock pot meals are a convenient option (if you can find your pot!)

7 tips for cooking while you’re moving

  1. Focus on ingredients you can use for several meals (chicken, rice, ground beef, eggs, etc.)
  2. Make large dishes that can be eaten as leftovers beyond the original meal (hot dish!)
  3. Avoid anything too messy; things that can be eaten off a paper plate or even a napkin are great
  4. Think about convenient “street foods” — foods you can eat with one hand and/or while on the go
  5. Avoid anything too complicated (too many ingredients, too many steps, or too much cookware)
  6. Think fast! The goal is to find meals you can prep and make in 30 minutes or less
  7. Give yourself a hand — don’t be afraid to use canned goods or ready-made items to simplify things

Quick, easy meal ideas for pre and post move

These ideas should help you start thinking of meals that satisfy our tips for cooking during a move as well as your family’s appetite.

Collage of Mexican dishes including enchiladas, nachos, and fajitas

Lunch and dinner ideas

All of these ideas will work for either lunch or dinner, and many of them could work for breakfast as well with slightly altered ingredients. The ingredients for many of these meals can also be repurposed for other meals.

Fresh croissant and coffee

Breakfast ideas

Quick, easy breakfasts are easier to do than lunches and dinners. Think continental breakfast items, make ahead items, and easy additions like eggs or bacon.

The sooner you pack, move, and get settled into your new home, the sooner you can get back to your usual schedules and meal plans. Work with the certified moving experts at AAA Movers to get the job done fast and with the greatest care for your items. Call us or request a free online moving quote today!