A view of downtown Minneapolis.
Date Published
September 03, 2021

Location is a key factor for attracting and retaining the best talent while also effectively managing operations. Before you determine how to move your business to a new location, you need to decide where. These days, more and more businesses are considering the Twin Cities to jumpstart their success. 

Why Move Your Business to the Twin Cities? 

Looking for a change? Here are our top reasons to consider relocating your business to Minneapolis or St. Paul:

  • You’re in Good Company

There are 17 Fortune 500 companies that call the Twin Cities home, which is inspiring more companies to move to Minneapolis (and the surrounding areas). It’s a “headquarters economy” for Twin Cities businesses with corporate giants like Target, General Mills, and Best Buy. 

Nearby corporations are important to consider when reviewing your moving business location checklist. Industry leaders attract top talent and many invest in smaller and mid-sized companies

  • High Quality of Life

Local business moving companies will tell you – the Twin Cities is a great place to relocate a business. And top publications agree: Forbes previously ranked Minnesota second for “quality of life” on its “Best States for Business” list. You can attribute that to the top-rated parks system, access to leading health care systems, diverse educational programs and more. 

Plus, multiple transportation options including the light rail and bus options make it easy to get around for those commuting

  • Vibrant Culture

If you’re thinking of moving your business to Minneapolis, you’ll have a front row seat to character and culture. Moving to the Twin Cities means access to two distinct metropolitan areas. From the historical neighborhoods around Summit Avenue in St. Paul to the craft breweries in Northeast Minneapolis to the thriving arts scene across both cities, there’s something for everyone.

Looking for peace and quiet? The suburbs offer more options for employees with families.

  • Opportunities for Growth

Corporate income tax rate is an important factor when selecting your business’s new location. Minnesota’s income tax rate is on the high end. However, the state offers many economic development tools to incentivize new and expanding businesses to come here.

Job growth is historically positive with economic opportunities statewide that make a business move to Minneapolis or St. Paul a wise choice. 

  • The People

Understanding how to successfully relocate a business also depends on the local demographics. Minnesota is one of the few states in the Midwest to grow in population, which is good news for the Twin Cities business scene.

With an educated workforce, strong connections and mentorship opportunities, there are plenty of recruitment possibilities as you look to expand your team.

AAA Movers Can Move Your Business to a New Location

AAA Movers is a trusted moving company for the Twin Cities and beyond. We’ll help you complete a business moving checklist and understand how to best relocate to your new work home.

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