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Date Published
May 08, 2023

Whether you’re staging your home before putting it on the market or looking to split your move into different segments, strategic storing options can come in handy. But did you know that not all items belong in a storage unit

The experts at AAA Movers explain what you should avoid putting in your storage unit and what to do with it instead! 

What Not to Put in a Storage Unit (According to the Experts) 

1. Hazardous materials, especially if they’re flammable. 

These types of materials include: 

  • Acid 
  • Acetone
  • Chlorine bleach
  • Fertilizer
  • Fireworks
  • Gasoline
  • Grease 
  • Kerosene
  • Oil
  • Paint or paint thinner
  • Propane tanks

It’s worth noting that most moving companies won’t move hazardous materials either. Look up how your area handles hazardous items and plan to properly dispose of them before Moving Day arrives. 

2. Stolen and illegal items.

Storage units don’t want to have illicit activity happening at their facilities. If they suspect something is going on, they won’t hesitate to call the police to investigate.

3. Weapons and ammunition.

Not only is storing firearms or ammunition or any other weapons a liability for the facility, but there can be safety issues if they accidentally go off. Best to keep them locked up somewhere safe during this process. 

4. Unregistered vehicles.

Make sure your vehicle is registered and insured before it goes into a storage unit. Some states will classify an unregistered vehicle as abandoned, which is the last thing you want. 

5. Anything wet.

A dark, closed storage unit can be a breeding ground for mold and mildew if the proper precautions aren’t taken. Make sure to thoroughly wipe down and dry any items that have been wet (i.e., kayaks, life jackets, scuba gear, pool toys, etc.). 

6. Expensive or sentimental items (including money!)

Even with the most secure storage units, you don’t want to risk loss or damage to prized possessions. We recommend keeping these items with you during the move so you know where they are at all times. If you’re worried about keeping tabs on them during this hectic day, you can leave them with someone you trust. Consider putting money in a safe deposit box.

7. Heavily-scented items. 

Heavily scented lotions, soaps, or candles can be a magnet for rodents, which you don’t want getting into your possessions. If you absolutely need to store something scented, put it in a sealed container.

8. Pets, flowers, or ashes

Items that are or were living aren’t allowed in your storage unit. This includes pets (living or passed), plants, or ashes. 

9. Furs

Similarly, furs aren’t well-suited for the dark conditions of a storage unit. Because they need to be stored in an ideal climate with specific requirements, keeping them with you during the moving process is best. 

10. Food

Again, you don’t want any mold or mildew, so don’t store any food in your storage unit, including canned goods. Before Moving Day, throw out any food you don’t want to move. The rest can go in boxes, with perishables in coolers with ice. 

Why Would I Need Climate-Controlled Pod Storage? 

Climate-controlled storage pods keep your possessions safe from temperature extremes and humidity. This reduces the likelihood of damage, especially from mold or mildew.

AAA Movers offers climate-controlled storage pods that are perfect for your needs. Our ProMover-certified team transports your items for storage safely and effectively, with a detailed inventory so you can collect your things whenever you want. And while they’re being stored, rest assured your items are safe and sound! 

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