Movers unloading a moving van
Date Published
July 17, 2019

It is usually assumed that using movers is far more expensive than a DIY move. You wouldn’t expect it, but using professional movers can help save money and in many cases is the cheaper option. Here are the top reasons using professional movers can save you both money and energy.

Small charges

Hiring movers often seems expensive because you pay one price at the beginning that covers all of your needs. When you are organizing a DIY move, however, the smaller charges such as truck rentals, gas, and payment to friends add up over time and can end up totaling a large amount — close to the price of a professional mover (if not more so).


Save yourself a medical bill or a trip to the chiropractor. A common byproduct of a DIY move is an injury which can add significantly to the cost of the move. It may not seem difficult to do the move yourself, but repeatedly lifting heavy items without the correct form or equipment can cause serious injuries. The added cost of a visit to a doctor is significant and the injury can linger for a long time. An injury can be easily avoided by hiring movers who are trained to lift heavy items safely. You may still want to move some items on your own, but all the heavy boxes or objects can be left to the pros.


Your time is valuable, and completing an efficient move can make a big difference. If your move is longer than anticipated or you end up getting injured, you may need to take more time off work. Not only is missing work expensive, but many properties have strict deadlines to be out of your current home. If time is a big concern of yours, consider using movers rather than a DIY move.

Prevent damages

Moving professionals are equipped with all the right equipment such as floor protection, moving pads, and dollies. These are meant to protect your home and your items, which means it can save you from having to pay for any damages. There’s nothing worse than moving into a new home and putting a fresh dent into the wall or a scratch on the floor. If you have expensive electronics or furniture, leave it to certified professionals to move it and minimize risk.

If you choose to use movers, there are many ways to still save money. By packing completely beforehand and getting rid of unnecessary items, you can expedite the trip and reduce the hours needed with professional movers. If you are looking to book your next move, contact us today at AAA Movers.