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Instructions for Completing the Statement of Claim

You must have the following document ready for reference to complete the Statement of Claim:

Bill of Lading

You may submit a claim in any of the following ways:

The form should be completed in detail. To process your claim quickly, please remember to complete all required fields, including all personal information, such as name, email address, old address, new address, telephone number(s) and the pickup and delivery dates.

AAA Movers has provided the information below to assist you in completing the remainder of the Statement of Claim.

Job Number – This number can be found at the top of your Bill of Lading.
Declared Valuation Coverage– Check your Bill of Lading or contact your AAA Movers representative to determine your declared valuation coverage.
Warehouse Storage – Check the appropriate box and type in the location if your goods were stored.

For each item claimed as damaged or lost:

  • Item Description – Please give a complete and accurate description of the item damaged or presumed missing. Keep all damaged items and shipping boxes. These items should be made available for inspection. If we replace an item that is lost or damaged, we maintain salvage rights on the item and will arrange to remove it within 30 days of settlement.
  • Description of Damage or Loss – Give a complete description of the extent of the damage to the item. Tell us the location of the damage on the item as well. Please provide pictures of the damaged item as a whole and of the damaged area.
  • Estimated Weight – The approximate weight of the item you are claiming as missing or damaged.
  • Age or Date Purchased – Either provide the approximate age of the item and/or purchase date of the item.
  • Original Cost – Please provide the approximate cost of the item at the time of purchase
  • Replacement Cost Today – Enter today’s cost of replacing the item of a similar kind and quality.

Any supporting documentation you can provide should be emailed to us at ( with your claim form. You may also mail (via certified mail) or fax your claim and supporting documentation to:

AAA Movers Inc.
Attn.: Customer Care
5512 Lakeland Ave N
Crystal, MN 55412

AAA Movers Inc. investigates all claims filed. All claims for loss and damage to household goods and for property damage must be fully substantiated and documented by the customer. Anyone who files a fraudulent claim will be subject to civil action, as well as criminal prosecution, to the fullest extent allowed under state and federal laws. Submission of a completed claim form to AAA Movers Inc. constitutes evidence of signature.

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