A Variety of Packing & Storage Boxes are Available

Cost Savings

The price of cardboard boxes may seem insignificant, but it adds up when you account for the quantity you’ll need for a move. By choosing reusable E-Crates®  plastic moving boxes for your Minnesota move, you use fewer boxes and avoid disposal costs and potential expenses related to damaged boxes or possessions.


E-Crates® are larger than cardboard moving boxes. That means you can fit more in each one, using up to 20% to 50% fewer moving supplies by taking advantage of the E-Crates® system. This can also reduce the number of truckloads you’ll need by up to 40%.


The stackable E-Crate® dolly system allows you to effortlessly load and transport your possessions during the moving process. Our dollies stack more crates at one time than ordinary moving equipment, reducing the number of trips and the amount of energy you need to exert.

Disposal Costs/Damage

If you are looking to rent moving boxes in Minneapolis and beyond, choose E-Crates®. The E-Crates® system is sturdy, reusable, and virtually crushproof. This means your property is protected and secure every step of the way. And when you’re done, there’s no clean-up or costs associated with the disposal of hundreds of cardboard boxes. Saving time, saving money, going green!


Today, more than ever, the security of your confidential files and other sensitive content should be a top concern during your move. By utilizing the E-Crate® system, you can rest assured that your property and information are safe and secure — wherever you are headed.

Lateral File E-Crates®

Specialized E-Crates® are available to conveniently transport specific items like the contents of your lateral filing cabinets to your new destination. Our crates protect and secure your important files from damage or disarray during the move to ensure a seamless relocation process.