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Additional Ways AAA Movers Can Help:

  • One-on-one consultations and planning with our certified moving experts
  • Extra care and attention to detail for packing and unpacking
  • Padding and protection for elevators and ramps
  • Cautious handling of large and fragile items
  • Creating plans to keep spaces as clear as possible
  • Extra ramps and special flooring protection for accessibility
  • Handling and moving critical equipment
  • Setting up furniture, appliances and electronics
  • Ability to complete moves no matter the size or complexity
  • Safe and climate controlled storage on request

Make Your Move Easier

For most, moves are stressful. But for some families with special situations, the stress that comes from moving can seem insurmountable. AAA Movers has the experience and knowledge to ease this transition. We know it isn’t just about moving boxes; it’s about moving people and moving lives. Often times, seniors have spent decades in their homes—places where they raised their families and made lifelong friends, and it can be hard to let go. Our unique, affordable senior moving services in Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota reduce the stress and anxiety related to your move, allowing you to take care of what matters most in life—you and your loved ones.

Secure Storage

We closely follow set guidelines for packing, inventorying, storing, and retrieving your belongings to ensure their safe and secure storage. Your items are always accessible while in storage and are monitored 24 hours a day.

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AAA Cares Coverage

For your peace of mind, AAA Movers’ senior relocation services and Minnesota team guarantee two coverage options available to safeguard your possessions during your move. Damage during a move is unlikely, but in the event that anything should happen, we want you to be covered.

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Budget Box Program

We provide affordable boxes and free labels as an added courtesy because we want your move to be as effortless as possible. It’s just one more reason to choose AAA Movers.

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De-Clutter Program

Let us help you sell your current home faster by using our professional de-cluttering services. We have home stagers that can make your home’s interior appear bigger, airier, and more appealing to potential buyers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Senior Moving

It’s best to overestimate the number of boxes you’ll use rather than risk running short. You can easily move empty boxes to your new home, but it’s not so simple to move loose items. At AAA Movers we offer a Budget Box Program so you get affordable boxes in a variety of sizes.

Start packing the things you rarely use first, which you’re likely to find in places like the attic, storage room or basement. You may come across items you forgot were there and decide to sell or donate them. It’s tempting to move everything from your old location to your new one, but sometimes it’s best to purge old items so they don’t get in the way. Continue by packing more commonly used items in the weeks leading up to moving day. Don’t seal your boxes until the day before your move so you can access your belongings when necessary.

We recommend carefully labeling each of your boxes to avoid any confusion on moving day. Be as specific as possible when designating rooms for boxes and where items should be placed. Assigning each room a different color and using corresponding colored labels on your boxes is another way to keep things organized during your move.

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