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What are we moving?


It’s Typically Less Expensive

We know it sounds crazy, but using AAA Movers in Chicago means you get access to the proper (expensive) equipment like cushioned custom trucks, dollies, and hoists. You also get access to the best team that quite literally moves every day. Your belongings are also insured with our moving company in Chicago – it’s hard to bill yourself if something breaks! Just remember to keep in mind all the hidden costs before you decide to move on your own!

Bumps + Bruises

You’d be shocked at how many times we hear about people hurting themselves while trying to move! Our AAA Chicago moving services include a full team of professionals who are prepped to handle the heaviest of belongings! We have an ongoing list of the heaviest items we’ve moved in case you’re still not convinced. Avoid the pain or potential damage – it’s not worth risking your safety!


Using professional Chicago moving companies mean that you get to spend that valuable free time taking care of the other moving stresses. Put together your first night bag and make sure you change your address! Do you have to get your license changed? All of these little details add up, and you don’t want to be rushing around and stressing! Let us take care of the big to-do, so you can check off everything else on the list!


One of the biggest things we hear when people call us is “I have SO much stuff, how am I going to fit this all in my next home?!” Chances are, you’ve found a place for every little thing in your current home, and it’s not until you move that you realize how much you truly have! Using our Chicago moving service means that you have access to our de-clutter program. Our professional Chicago movers come in and make your home look clean, beautiful and bigger – and best of all, ready for the market!

Why Choose AAA Movers

Always Putting You First

We could go on and on about what we’d love to offer you, but in reality – it comes down to our fantastic Chicago movers team. From Chicago to anywhere you’re moving to, our movers are trained to make sure that our customers are 100% happy with your moving services. We train the team to always be on time, friendly, and considerate of our customers. No matter what your move may need, AAA Chicago Movers can make the biggest difference in your move. Just sit back, relax and let us do the moving. When it comes to choosing a Chicago moving company, make sure you choose right – choose AAA Movers.

Customer Reviews

This moving company gets five stars plus more,

for making our move from downtown Chicago to a central Illinois location a great experience.

They exceeded our expectations by a considerable amount. Our art work and our furniture were carefully packed and blanketed and efficiently moved out of Chicago to our central Illinois home. All in one day.

Nick and Damien were the very courteous and careful movers, coordinated by Andy and Sara also very courteous.

Thanks for making this grueling task go ever so much more pleasantly!

Rich K.
Chicago, IL
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