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6-8 Weeks Before Your Move

  • This is the time to start strategically planning your move, step-by-step, to alleviate the stress of last minute packing. AAA Movers’ moving specialists are here to provide comprehensive moving help for your Minnesota move — wherever you are headed. We’ll help you set up your timeline and walk you through the process. Contact us to get started.
  • Create a room or space where you can store and organize packing supplies and begin placing your packed boxes. Group empty boxes by size for easy access.
  • Now is the time to make travel arrangements for you and your family. Whether it be renting a car, scheduling a flight or reserving a hotel room, book at a time that will give you flexibility in case plans change.
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer medical, property, fire and auto insurance.
  • Return anything you have borrowed from nearby friends or relatives and make sure to ask for your things back.
  • Compile a list of phone numbers and addresses so that once you have moved in to your new home you will be able to access this information easily.
  • Create a designated folder for moving-related expenses. This will come in handy as many moving expenses are tax deductible. Obtain an IRS Change of Address form, Form 8822, by calling (800) 829-1040 or visiting the IRS website at website. You will be able to download and print form 8822 and most other IRS tax forms; e.g., Form 3903 to help deduct moving expenses.
  • Notify schools in the old and new locations to arrange for the transfer of school records and begin the process of registration.
  • Collect all medical, dental and school records. Keep these in a safe place
  • Contemplate holding a garage sale at least two weeks prior to your move; this will help you save space while earning some extra cash on the side.

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4-5 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Contact AAA Movers to make arrangements for your move. Let us know if you will need help packing, if you have specialty items you’d like extra care for, or if you’d like to use our moving boxes.
  • Start going through closets, storage areas, the basement, garage, or attic. You may need extra time to sift through seldom-used belongings and decide if you’d like to donate, recycle, or sell some items instead of transporting them.
  • Contact or visit your local Post Office to obtain a Change of Address form. You can also obtain this form online at the postal service website by visiting:
  • Give a change of address to the following:
    • Banks
    • Schools
    • Friends & family
    • Insurance company
    • Doctors & specialists
    • Cellular phone company
    • Credit card companies
    • Subscriptions (Magazine, newspaper, etc.)
  • Make the arrangements to connect and disconnect your cable, internet, electric and any other services you currently use. Dealing with this at an earlier date will prevent any date and time conflicts.
  • You may have to switch banks if your current bank branches are sparse in your new town. Investigate the popular banks in the area you will be living in so that you can close and open new bank accounts as needed.
  • Check the requirements for obtaining a new driver’s license and complete auto registration at your new location.
  • If you will be making an international move, make sure your passport is up to date and has not expired. Passports generally take 3-6 weeks to process.

3 Weeks Before Your Move

  • Make final arrangements for transporting your car if you plan on doing so. If you are driving to your new home, make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip.
  • Check any secret hiding spots to search for any forgotten items.
  • Return any borrowed items, such as library books, and collect any clothing at the dry cleaners.
  • Begin cleaning the various rooms in your house that have been emptied, such as closets, basements or attics to prepare for the new residents and to make sure you did not leave anything behind.
  • Transfer any prescriptions to pharmacies in your new location.

2 Weeks Before Your Move

  • At this point you should have a good sense of what items you will not be taking with you. This is a good time to organize a garage sale to earn some cash on the side from your unwanted belongings. You should also consider donating old clothing to a local charity or shelter. If you do, you may be eligible for a tax deduction.
  • Pack every day. Get help if you can, or call AAA Movers at any time to receive help from our professional packing teams. Your final week at home has the potential to be very stressful and you should prevent pushing things off until the last minute.
  • Think about quick and easy meals you can prepare for your family while utilizing the remaining food in your refrigerator so that it does not go to waste.
  • Make sure all scheduled deliveries (newspaper, milk, etc.) have been canceled or redirected to your new home.
  • Empty all lockers at school, work or at your gym.

1 Week Before Your Move

  • Before you move, mow your lawn one last time.
  • Mark any unmarked boxes as “Fragile,” “Do not load in truck,” or “Load last” if you have not yet done so.
  • If you are not going directly to your new home, ensure that your movers have an address and phone number where they can contact you if necessary.
  • Empty, defrost, and clean your refrigerator/freezer. Use baking soda to rid it of any foul odors.
  • Put together a moving day survival kit with items you will need for the trip and your first moment at your new home. This includes toilet paper, snacks, bottled water, dishes, toiletries, towels, soap etc.
  • Notify the police in your town if your home will be uninhabited for a long period of time.

Move-in Day!

  • Inquire about the proper payment method for your movers and have it available on moving day.
  • When the movers arrive, be available to answer any questions they have. You can certainly leave detailed notes about anything you want the movers to remember. Be accessible by phone if you do step away.
  • Hand over keys, alarm codes, and garage door remote controls to the new owner or real estate agent.
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