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  • Accessorial Services – Services apart from transportation. Includes items and services such as packing, unpacking, appliance service, custom crating, extra labor, long carry, etc. There are additional charges for these services/items.
  • Accuquote – An estimate for moving services and supplies where the cost is the maximum amount which can be charged. However, if the actual weight of the shipment or services performed cost less than quoted, the lower amount is charged.
  • Addendum – A form used to update charges for services the customer may request after the original estimate is written and approved.
  • Agent – An independent moving company, corporation, or individual acting for or on behalf of Arpin Van Lines, Inc., to perform moving services, including origin or destination services.
  • Air Ride Suspension System – Air bags, installed above each wheel on all Arpin vans, to provide a softer, more cushioned ride than conventional spring suspension. This reduces damage to goods substantially.
  • Appliance Service – Service provided to certain mechanical items prior to moving (i.e., unhooking washer/dryer). See Accessorial Services.
  • Bill of Lading – Contract and shipping document, signed by both the customer and the agent/van line, at loading and again at delivery. It clarifies such items as pickup and delivery dates, shipping instructions, valuation protection, and billing instructions.
  • Binding Estimate – Estimate for moving services with a written guaranteed price, based on an itemized list of all items to be shipped and the number of miles to be traveled.
  • Booking Agent – Moving company responsible for obtaining moving job and registering it with the van line.
  • Bulky Articles Charge – An additional charge for the special handling required for the transportation of bulky items (i.e., cars, large-screen televisions, pianos, hot tubs, satellite dishes, etc.).
  • Carrier – Van line (Arpin Van Lines, Inc.) authorized to relocate goods across state lines (interstate).
  • C.O.D./Residential Moves – Cash on delivery. The usual method of payment for moves by many of our customers. Payment is by approved credit card or certified check. Moving charges must be paid before the van is unloaded.
  • Crew Chief – The person on a particular packing or moving job responsible for insuring that the job and all associated paperwork is done properly. This is normally the driver or
    lead packer.
  • Declared Valuation – Figure used for valuation protection and claim purposes which reflects the substantiated value of goods being shipped.
  • Delivery Spread – An agreed upon span of dates within which a shipment must be delivered.
  • Destination – Location of the final delivery of a shipment.
  • Destination Agent – The lawful agent of a carrier responsible for performing all requested services at the destination location (i.e., storage, unpacking, etc.).
  • Estimate – Approximation of moving costs based on a survey of all goods to be moved, distance to be traveled, and any additional services needed or requested.
  • Forwarder – A company which consolidates and arranges for the transportation of goods (i.e., TEK Forwarding).
  • Gross Weight – The weight of the entire transportation unit (cab and van) and all contents.
  • Interstate Relocation – A move across state lines. This includes moves which begin and end in the same state, but cross through another state on route.
  • Intrastate Relocation – A move occurring within the same state.
  • Inventory – Numbered list of every carton and piece of furniture shipped, along with notations on the condition of each piece. The document is signed by the customer at origin to acknowledge inventory and furniture condition, and at destination to acknowledge receipt of all goods.
  • Line Haul – Cost of moving household goods over the road from origin to destination, excluding other services, based on distance and the weight of the shipment.
  • Local Move – A move in which the distance is within approximately 500 miles from origin to destination.
  • Lump Sum Value – The total value of the entire shipment.
  • Net Weight – Actual weight of household goods, determined by subtracting the Tare Weight from the Gross Weight.
  • Non-Binding Estimate – Estimated price given to the customer which is not guaranteed. Final charges are based on the weight of the shipment, distance traveled, and all actual services performed.
  • Order for Service – Document signed by the customer, prior to loading, designating the moving services they want performed, and signed by the carrier acknowledging the acceptance of the move.
  • Origin – The location where the shipment is picked up.
    Origin Agent – The lawful agent of a carrier responsible for all services at origin, including performing the estimate, signing contracts, and packing household goods.
  • O.S. – Overstuff; refers to padded or upholstered furniture items (i.e., sofas, easy chairs, recliners).
  • Overflow – Portion of a shipment which cannot be loaded on the main van due to lack of space. The overflow is carried on another vehicle and a separate inventory is prepared.
  • Paperwork – The forms and documents that accompany a shipment.
  • Private Storage – Household goods stored by an individual, at his/her expense, in a self-storage facility.
  • Registration Number – Number assigned exclusively to a shipment for recordkeeping and tracking. Also referred to as “Reg Number.”
  • Replacement Value – Cost to replace a lost or damaged item based on current market prices or substantiated value.
  • Shrink Wrap – Plastic sheeting which is wrapped around large items (i.e., sofas) to decrease or eliminate soiling.
  • Shuttle Service – Service performed, usually at an additional cost, when a road or driveway to a residence does not permit access by a large van.
  • Skin – Burlap bag used to wrap and pad small items that may not be very clean (i.e., lawn mower, grill, etc.).
  • Storage Container – A large, front loaded plywood box into which household goods are placed for storage.
  • Storage-In-Transit (SIT) – Temporary storage of household goods in a warehouse (used mostly on long-distance moves).
  • Straight Truck – A moving truck constructed as a single unit (as opposed to a tractor and separate trailer).
  • Tare Weight – Weight of the entire transportation unit (van/truck) and its contents prior to loading household goods.
  • Tariff – Schedule of rates or table of charges published by each van line which shows price schedule, classification rating, and other rules and regulations.
  • Third Party Service – Moving services (i.e., dismantling a pool table, removal of an antenna or satellite dish) performed by an individual or company not associated with Arpin Van Lines, Inc. The cost of these services appear as a separate item on the Bill of Lading.