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Moving to Chaska, Minnesota?

Moving to a new home or business can feel like a monumental task. Changing your address, packing up your belongings, saying goodbye to your favorite local restaurant (and finding a new one!) Our Chaska movers work hard to take the stress out of your hands and into our own! 

Our in-depth moving resources are designed to support you during this transitional – and often hectic – time. Whether you need storage solutions, moving boxes and supplies, or senior moving services, AAA Movers is here to meet your needs. We’re fully equipped to handle all sizes, distances, and types of moves that you have coming up on the horizon. 

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What makes our Chaska movers so trustworthy and respected? Besides our solution-oriented work ethic and positive attitude, it’s our ProMover Certification. We believe in being transparent and affordable movers who don’t cut corners. Team members who really listen to your concerns. And partners who understand exactly what you need. Our personalized Move Plans are made just for you as you look to get from Point A to Point B. Moving to Chaska should be easy. We make it that way. 

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Chaska is a neighborhood near 55318

The latitude for Chaska, MN, USA is: 44.789345 and the longitude is: -93.601839.

Did you know?

The city retained its small-town image until the 1950s, when the transition to a metropolitan community began. The expansion of the seven-county metropolitan area reached Chaska, MN, in the 1960s.

With that expansion came the introduction of the Jonathan New Town design concept in 1966. The Jonathan “new town” development within Chaska brought new land, new jobs, and new people to the community.

Chaska, MN DIY Moving TIP:

Try to avoid packing items from different rooms in the same box. It’ll make unpacking easier if everything stays organized along the process!