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Moving to Lake Elmo, Minnesota?

Our team is excited to get you there! As your trusted Lake Elmo movers, we know the ins and outs of moving. Time to sit back and relax, as we make moving day easy (and dare we say, fun?!) 

With expert efficiency, our certified Twin Cities movers will get you and your possessions into your new home with ease. Whether you need help decluttering your home or need storage solutions, we can help!

Let’s get started! Contact our AAA Movers team for your free online quote. From there, we’ll create an individualized Move Plan just for you.

Lake Elmo Movers You Can Trust

There are more than a few reasons why AAA Movers is well-known and well-respected as a premier Lake Elmo moving company.

Our AAA Advantage means you’re getting top-quality care at affordable rates. We make ourselves available as much as possible so you know what to expect during this transitional time. And we pride ourselves on handling moves of all kinds, sizes, and distances. At this point, we’ve seen (and moved) it all. 

From our problem solving skills to our work ethic, from our extended service hours to our love of the job, we’re the Minnesota moving company you’ll be glad you hired. Now, let’s get you ready to move to Lake Elmo!

Hire Certified Movers

Your possessions are valuable to you, and you want to hire a team who will move them with precision and care. At AAA Movers, we are proud to have our ProMover certification. When you hire a Twin Cities moving company with this distinction, you can rest easy knowing your movers are qualified, professional, and ready to handle anything. 

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Did you know?

Lake Elmo, MN began with one farm in 1852 on the southwest corner of the intersection of what is now Manning Avenue and 30th Street, just southeast of downtown Lake Elmo and across the highway from the Lake Elmo Airport .The barn was originally built in 1875 and restored in 1998 as a house. The 1852 farmhouse was intentionally burned down in March 2007.


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Lake Elmo, MN DIY Moving TIP:

As you’re settling in, take the time to rekey your new home! You don’t know who had copies of the previous keys. A locksmith should be able to handle this job in a few, short hours.